Todah Raba to all for the generous support that has made our new synagogue building possible.

As finances and volunteer time allow, donors will be recognized in tangible ways in and around the new synagogue. On a central wall, likely in the form of a Tree of Life, all new synagogue donors of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged.

In addition, as spelled out in our Policy for Donor Recognition, donors of $5,000 or more are welcome to select specific items to be dedicated in their name, such as rooms, furnishings or other building features (stairwells, drinking fountains, etc.). Small plaques near each item dedicated will serve to honor the donor. All signage will be modest and tasteful, in keeping with the culture of CBI and the interior design of the building.

Here is the current List of Dedications.

Message from Capital Campaign

As of March 2018, we have raised and spent over $7 million to construct and outfit CBI's new home that is five times the size of the building on Broadway that served CBI for nearly 100 years. Finally, we have enough seating, classrooms and other space to meet our current programming needs.

Funding this magnificent project has fallen predominantly on our Beth Israel membership rather than outside gifts and grants. With the broad support of our membership and a few very generous "friends" of CBI, we have managed to move into our new home without a mortgage, which helps to keep our monthly expenses more manageable. We still have a ways to go on fundraising, but for a small congregation, we have accomplished a great deal.

As the Capital Campaign continues to raise funds needed to complete the remaining items, we want to extend a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all those who have made a contribution toward this monumental undertaking. And, we look forward to sharing the history of the project with others who have not yet had an opportunity to support it financially.

David Goldman, Chair
Capital Campaign