Our Annual Meeting will be on Zoom, at 5 p.m.  May 23, 2021. Members will be sent a link soon.
With the goal of maximizing ease of attendance (we must have a quorum of 25 people), it was decided that a tele-meeting would be best. Highlights of this Annual Meeting:
•   Eco-friendly, paperless Annual Meeting Booklet will be emailed to members. If you would like a paper copy, pleae contact the office.
•   Election of the Slate of Officers as presented by the Nominating Committee under the leadership of Steven Garfinkle.
•   Some video and photos from this past year, including of the Kuk Sool Won class, the landscape and synagogue changes.
•   Depending on the weather, we will be hosting an Open Garden earlier in the afternoon for anyone who wants to come by and see the property in its new incarnation.