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OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY Mezuzot crafted from ark timber remnants

After four years of working with Tom Lutz Furniture, CBI’s Ark Design Group is excited to share that the design of our synagogue’s new Ark has been finalized and construction is under way.  Taking into account where we live in the Pacific Northwest and the interior design of the synagogue, the Ark Design Group recommended purchase of premium Coastal Douglas Fir timbers for the portals, the structure that will hold the Ark cabinet.

Before construction of the portals could begin, the harvested timbers were dried in a state-of-the-art radio frequency kiln for five months to ensure the integrity and longevity of the wood.  These magnificent portals were just installed on our bimah, ready for the interior cabinet of the ark when completed.

The remnant pieces of wood were saved to create a limited number of custom mezuzot to mark this special moment in CBI’s history.  Your purchase of this unique mezuzah will help us complete construction of the ark in a timely manner.

Mezuzah Details

Each mezuzah is handcrafted exclusively from CBI’s ark timbers.  The letter Shin is laser engraved on the front.  Dimensions are approximately 5”h x 1”w x ¾”d.    

Your mezuzah will include a paper scroll, a certificate of authenticity and mounting hardware.

The cost of each mezuzah is $180.00 (maximum of four mezuzot per family, please).

Ordering Procedure

  • Mezuzot should be pre-ordered by May 8, 2020. You can purchase online (payment will be immediate), or download the order form  and mail a check to the office. 
  • Mezuzot will be ready for pickup within 30 days of the order closing date (by early June 2020).


Questions? Please contact Vicki Jaffe, (360) 220-5951

We Did It!

In March 2018, eighteen years after starting to raise money for our new synagogue, we moved in and celebrated the first Bat Mitzvah in our new home!

While in full use, the building and grounds are not quite complete. Funds are still needed for the entry gate, the landscaping, the Ark and the main kitchen not to mention other finishes and furnishings. The plans also call for a playground at the Kesher level when feasible.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated!!

Click on the How to Donate tab for easy donating instructions.

Any questions about donating to the New Synagogue Project, including using securities or IRA distributions, should be directed to Karen Sloss at or call (360) 319-7258

Ongoing: Go green!  Donate your car, boat, motorcycle, motorhome, etc., receive a charitable tax receipt and help Congregation Beth Israel at the same time by using the professional services of Frannie Erickson of Eartha Kitty. As of November 2017, we have collected $5,732.60 from this program. For more information call Lynn Korner at (360) 671-2607 and let us help you perform this Mitzvah!  All proceeds go to the new building fund.

Donor Recognition & Dedications

Todah Raba to all for the generous support that has made our new synagogue building possible.

As finances and volunteer time allow, donors will be recognized in tangible ways in and around the new synagogue. On a central wall, likely in the form of a Tree of Life, all new synagogue donors of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged. Please fill out this form to let us know how you would like to be recognized: Donor Recognition Form.

In addition, as spelled out in our Policy for Donor Recognition, donors of $5,000 or more are welcome to select specific items to be dedicated in their name, such as rooms, furnishings or other building features (stairwells, drinking fountains, etc.). Small plaques near each item dedicated will serve to honor the donor. All signage will be modest and tasteful, in keeping with the culture of CBI and the interior design of the building. Click here to view plaque samples.

Here is the current List of Dedications available.

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