Kesher = קֶשֶׁר = connection

   Shalom! And Bruchim Habaim (welcome) to Congregation Beth Israel’s Kesher Center for Jewish Learning!

   We provide age-appropriate Jewish learning opportunities for infants through high-schoolers. Our young learners experience Torah by acting on stage, learn about history by digging in the dirt, experience tikkun olam (social action) on a weekly basis, and celebrate our culture through their taste buds!

   Our school supports and nurtures a deep sense of community through the core Jewish values of Torah, Avodah (the labor of serving God and the Jewish people with joy) and Gemilut Hasadim, (acts of loving kindness.) Our goals for our children are to foster in them a positive Jewish identity, to develop amongst them a strong sense of community, and to help each of them find a spiritual sanctuary within our community. We do this by nourishing their souls with vibrant and engaging programs designed to help them grow into the kind and caring human beings our Jewish tradition inspires.

   Our doors are always open and you are always welcome. ! ברוכים הבאים

— Sagit Hall, Director

Kesher B’Ivrit — Kesher’s Hebrew Program

Our Hebrew Program for 4th- through 6th-graders is a once-a-week, immersive language program where children touch, read, smell, write, feel, speak, and taste Hebrew!  Our dynamic, energetic educators model and inspire a love of the Hebrew language through games, songs, art, and movement.  This program supplements our Religious School classes and provides a focused time on Hebrew language as it connects to the broader context of our heritage and traditions.  We learn about the Hebrew calendar, culture, and modern life in Israel. With their peers, learners celebrate holidays and strengthen the sense of community — all in Hebrew.

Read more about the Kesher B’Ivrit program here.

To learn more about our programs and for registration information, email or call 360.733.8890.

To apply for financial aid for the 2019-20 school year, please fill out this form  and return it to the office by Aug. 31, 2019,

During the school year, class information is available to CBI members on the Members Only section of the web site.