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Upcoming BAY and NFTY Events for 2018-19:

JULY 30, 2018: AB Crepes Meetup, 6 PM to 8 PM, We’ll be meeting up at AB Crepes for a delicious snack and hanging out. Incoming 9th graders are invited and encouraged to come meet the youth group and connect!

AUG. 25, 2018: Bellingham Back to School Hike, Time TBD. We will do a local hike in the area and enjoy the natural beauty of Bellingham.

SEPT. 21-23, 2018: We’re kicking off the new year right with our new redesigned event, NFTY-NW Kickoff! This event will still have all of the pieces we love about NW LTI, just with more options and opportunities! Come explore the art, outdoor, or leadership tracks while getting to know people from across the northBEST region!
Take part in interactive teen-led programs which will focus on training you to be a leader in your youth group and beyond. Unplug at camp and enjoy outdoor fun and choose leadership electives that fit your goals and interests. Participate in leadership-themed programs, workshops and activities! NFTY NORTHWEST KICKOFF

NOV. 9-11, 2018: NFTY-NW Fall Kallah at Whidbey Island. Kallah’s are such a good opportunity to have fun and let loose for the weekend with tons of fun activities and events. You’ll get to share your talents in our annual Fall Kallah talent show spectacular. Celebrate Shabbat with delicious food, singing and dancing. Wrestle with hot topics and challenge your assumptions during interactive teen-led programs. There’s something for everyone at Kallah! More information: NFTY NW FALL KALLAH

JAN. 25-27, 2019: NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah will be in Vancouver, BC at Temple Shalom. Winter Kallah’s are always special with their focus on social action and Tikkun Olam. If you are interested in learning about ways you can help others this it the Kallah for you. NFTY NW Winter Kallah

Feb. 15-18, 2019: Travel to Dallas, TX for NFTY Convention 2019, the largest gathering of Reform Jewish teens! They can make it a Mitzvah Corps reunion! Registration opens this fall:

APRIL 12, 2019: NW-NFTY Asefah and Elections at URJ Camp Kalsman.

APRIL 12-14, 2019: NW-NFTY Spring Kallah at URJ Camp Kalsman. Celebrate Shabbat with delicious food, singing and dancing. Enjoy multiple “BIG FUN” activities. Say goodbye to our seniors and welcome 8th graders!! NFTY NW Spring Kallah

MAY 3-5, 2019: NFTY-NW 67 Kallah. at URJ Camp Kalsman. Make a difference with a hands-on social action project and share your talents, cheer on your friends at the annual talent show. This is just for 6th and 7th graders!


For more information on BAY or NFTY events please contact the BAY Advisers Amanda Robins and Daniel Zagnoli at

For more information or to register for NFTY NW events please visit