Congregation Beth Israel is reviving its Shabbat Dinner Crowd — a flash mob Shabbat dinner experience — though the sign-up format will be adjusted a bit.

How it works:
Someone volunteers a location for Shabbat dinner and guests supply the food (a main dish or a side, enough to feed your family). The host provides challah, kiddush wine, and glasses/plates/utensils. The dinner is casual — buffet style, paper plates and jeans are fine. Just come and enjoy.
Dinners can be meat, dairy, or vegetarian. Hosts, please let everyone know what the kashrut status of the meal is.

What’s new:
Instead of getting an automated email the Sunday before a Shabbat Dinner Crowd, we will be maintaining a Google worksheet with the dates for Dinner Crowd listed. Hosts can peruse the dates and sign up to host, specifying any food rules, number of guests they can handle, and their
address and contact information. Once a date has a host, guests can fill in their names, along with the number in their party and their contact information.

If the first host site fills up, we will open up a second host spot so as many people as possible can participate!

The database that was used for the previous setup will not be used, so if you want to participate, you need to check the Google worksheet and sign up. The link for the worksheet will be available in the weekly Timbrel, which is distributed to Congregation Beth Israel members. Members are welcome to share the link with friends.

Our first Dinner Crowd will be October 27, and the signup link will be in the Timbrel, starting at the beginning of October.

The plan is to hold Dinner Crowd once a month — when Friday night services are at 7:30 pm, an early dinner (5 to 7 pm) is suggested. When it’s an evening without a Friday night service (typically a fifth Friday), dinner can start a little later, usually around 6 or 6:15 pm.

Any other questions? Call Melissa Schapiro (360) 738-7182, or email
Let’s keep this rolling by having someone host every time!