Beth Israel has formed its own Shabbat Dinner Crowd — a flash mob Shabbat dinner experience — based on a successful format operating in Seattle.

How it works:
You’ll get an email the Sunday before the fifth Friday of the month, seeking a dinner host. Someone volunteers a location and guests supply the food (a main dish or a side, enough to feed your family). The dinner is casual — buffet style, paper plates and jeans are fine. Just come and enjoy. Dinners can be meat, dairy, or vegetarian. Hosts, please let everyone know what the kashrut status of the meal is.

It’s simple — if you can host, post a note to the e-mail list for your community. If you can attend, then reply to the dinner post so everyone knows.

Want to be part of the dinner crowd, but didn’t receive an email? Sign up here. Have friends who aren’t Beth Israel members, who want to participate? Invite them (and let know)! They can signup online.

Any other questions? Call Melissa Schapiro, (360) 738-7182, or email

Let’s keep this rolling by having someone host every time!