Double Your Mitzvah!

Just like exercise, using Beth Israel Scrip is most successful when it’s part of your regular routine. We all buy groceries and prescriptions regularly, and many of us give gift cards as presents. Make it easy on yourselves, and have a regular Scrip order – it can be monthly, or quarterly, whatever works best for you! Our Scrip coordinator, Joan Wayne, will make sure to get the gift cards to you on a routine basis. It’s one less thing for you to have to remember, and it becomes a regular donation to our congregation!

Scrip can also be used to make donations to other organizations, or people in need. For example, a Bellingham family lost their home to a fire, and all four family members were hospitalized due to their injuries. An amazing outpouring of support found them a temporary home and furnishings, but they also accepted donations of gift cards to places like Fred Meyer, Haggen, and the Food Co-op because food, clothing and other every day necessities were a longer-term need. If you buy Scrip from Beth Israel, and donate it to a cause such as this, it’s a DOUBLE MITZVAH! Check with the local organizations you support, and they likely would welcome gift card donations to help out their clients.

Who knew that a piece of plastic could be part of Tikkun Olam?
For a complete list of participating merchants, go to, or contact Joan Wayne,; download an order form, or call the Beth Israel office at 733-8890.