Following you’ll find various policies and procedures used by Congregation Beth Israel. These are provided to members as a way to better understand how things are run. Over time, issues may become more or less important, and procedures may change to accommodate our congregation’s growth. Some of these decisions are made by a vote of the board of directors; others have to do with how committees operate.

If you have questions about existing policies, or notice that some are missing, please contact a Beth Israel board member.

Policies & Procedures

Beth Israel Cemetery (PDF 38.19 KB)
Board member Accountability
Board member Brit Avodah (PDF 116.65 KB)
Board member Conflict of Interest (PDF 34.07 KB)
Board member job description (amended 11-12-2012) (DOC 54.78 KB)
Board of Directors Code of Conduct (PDF 26.68 KB)
Board President job description (PDF 25.75 KB)
Board Secretary Job Description (PDF 39.32 KB)
Board Treasurer job description (PDF 173.07 KB)
Board Vice President job description (updated March 2013)
Communications Policy (approved 1-14-14)
Executive Committee Roles-Responsibilities final (PDF 323.74 KB)
Expense reimbursement policy (PDF 14.26 KB)
Investment Policy (PDF 461.42 KB)
Membership application (PDF 68.61 KB)
Membership status (PDF 12.59 KB)
Outdoor Event Policy
Photo Policy adopted Nov. 2011 (PDF 66.26 KB)
Privacy policy (PDF 33.42 KB)
Public policy stance (PDF 55.67 KB)
Shammos duties (PDF 52.57 KB)