Meets weekly on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

As our students’ world is expanding beyond their family and synagogue community, into the wider Jewish community, we expand our exploration of Jewish life to include our ancestors and stories from the Torah. Students will also gain more Jewish literacy, learning common Hebrew phrases related to this year’s curriculum, centered around holidays, Torah, and mitzvot.

Introduction to Torah and Book of Genesis:

The class is guided by these questions: Who are the members of our Torah family? What do we learn from our Torah family about how to treat each other and the world? The Torah curriculum includes connections to Hebrew, prayers, holidays, mitzvot (sacred acts), and middot (values). Torah is learned and experienced through children’s literature, art, music, and drama.

Students will continue to deepen their understanding of the calendar year, celebrating and learning new aspects of each holiday, while also learning the Hebrew months, creating their own Hebrew calendars, and gaining more understanding of the Jewish yearly cycle.

Hebrew and Prayers

Students will continue learning Hebrew vocabulary through playing in our Hebrew Through Movement program.

In fitting with our community and Torah themes, students will master the following “prayers of community” this year:

Mah Tovu


B’racha (Blessing formula)